Rev. Chris Lee – The OMG Effect

I’ve been following Rev. Chris on instagram for a while and have loved his 60 second sermons that he posts to give a brief moment of pause during the day. When I saw that he was bringing out a book, I had to pre-order it.

Each chapter in the book starts with one of Chris’ 60 second sermons, then continues on with that topic. Topics including Positivity, Prayer, Humble Confidence, Death and Grief, and Love.

Each chapter is part personal story, part sermon/explanation and fully backed with biblical truth. The book equally would suit dipping in and out for a particular topic, or like I did, reading all the way through.

So many times through the book, I felt completely seen, like it was just what I needed to read right now, so perfectly timed.

“The modern world is so noisy and invasive, and nor do we help ourselves much when it comes to finding inner peace. Your alarm goes off in the morning and wrenches you from sleep. You immediately look at the worrying news on your phone, and then move on to your social network feeds. You grab a quick breakfast and put the radio or TV on, then on the commute to work you’ve probably got earphones on, listening to music. Then, once at work, perhaps you put your computer on and go straight into ‘task’ mode. But at what point have you taken a breath and been sufficiently still, to remind yourself that you are an amazing creative human being waking up to a fresh and beautiful day that is full of amazing possibilities?”

I think if I could take one thing from reading this, it would be the need to slow down and spend time with God. The chapter on prayer particularly gave me a lot to think about, but there were valuable and relatable insights to take from each chapter.

“Just as the sea drains all rivers but never fills up, social media consumes all your time and never blinks as it drinks”

I would recommend this book to anyone, Christian or not. There’s a lot to take from it even if you don’t believe, but if you do, there’s so much more depth. I’ll leave you with this closing quote from Rev. Chris:

“I want you to know that God loves you in all your fragility, even when you doubt yourself. Never forget your worth, and that your very life is a miracle.”

My rating: 5Average rating:
208 pages. Published in: 2020
Read in Hardbackon 9th-14th January 2021

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