Cecelia Ahern – Postscript

PS, I Love You was my favourite book for a very long time but as it came out so long ago I had resigned myself to never hearing anything else about Holly and her beloved Gerry.

So when I saw that there was actually finally a sequel, it was a must read! In fact, I was so excited that I also ordered a copy for my sister too.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers here, but this is in the blurb so I think it’s okay – seven years on from Gerry’s death, Holly thinks she’s moved on and is doing okay – she has a new relationship and a job and she seems happy.

But when she’s approached by a set of people called the PS, I Love You Club who have been inspired by her story and want to do the same for their loved ones, it brings everything back and all of a sudden her life starts to shift again.

We follow Holly on a journey through the members of this club and it brings back so many memories not just for Holly of Gerry, but for me of the first book which I loved so much.

I’m sure you can probably guess this already, but you’re going to need tissues for reading this – I definitely got through a few. But although it was sad, it was full of hope and good feelings and I just loved it.

My rating: 5Average rating: 3.67
400 pages. Published in: 2019
Read in Paperbackon 16th-23rd January 2021

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