HM2014 – 12th May

Well this weekend has been pretty quiet, but I haven’t been on my PC, hence why there hasn’t been a blog post. But don’t worry, I’ve been sticking to it. I woke up early on Saturday morning and took a walk into Pudsey to take my books back to the library, racking up 2000 steps before 9.30am. I then went to Wetherspoons for lunch with Cameron, where I ordered the veggie burger and switched the chips for a salad. We then decided that since we were going to be watching Eurovision, we may as well make a night of it and have some snacks while we were watching, so I bought healthy snacks of beef jerky and Special K crisps, to go along with my low-calorie, non-alcoholic wine.

On Sunday, I stayed in bed later than usual. After a bacon sandwich (calorie counted), we spent the early part of the afternoon doing housework, hoovering, washing up and then grooming the dog, who is currently malting everywhere, hence the need for a good vacuuming! After a lunch at McDonalds (a 190 calorie salad with a small amount of dressing), that left me at about 2,500 steps for the day. Obviously not enough to get me anywhere near target, so I dragged Cameron for a walk around Golden Acre after tea (vegetable stir-fry with noodles and black bean sauce). So by the end of the day I was much closer to target (although not quite there), and feeling pretty good about my weekend!

Here’s a selection of pictures from the weekend:

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