HM2014 – 13th May

Yesterday was not such a great day at work, but a great day diet-wise. My day started off with my usual walk around a very sunny Yeadon Tarn, which definitely woke me up! After having a meeting that ran halfway over lunch and then coming out of the meeting to torrential rain, I decided to skip the lunchtime walk in favour of being dry for the afternoon. So after work I went up to Golden Acre for my nightly walk. It stayed dry, but the grey clouds looked very ominous, so I walked quickly to avoid any potential rain!

After my walk, it was a quick trip to Morrisons to get ingredients for my lunches for the next week, which I then spent the next hour cooking. It’s basically the same sausage and vegetable pasta bake as last time, but with a curry sauce instead of tomato to change it up a bit. It smelt delicious, but I’d already had my shake so I couldn’t eat any, so let’s hope it tastes delicious today!

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