HM2014 – 9th May

The rain made my walk last night very miserable. It poured down all the way around Golden Acre and I was soaked by the time I’d finished! But at least I got my steps in for the day!

Today’s post is a tad late but it’s been a busy day! It was my workplace’s tenth birthday so we were taken out to a fish and chip restaurant for lunch. I actually stayed really good though, having steamed fish and a jacket potato, even forgoing the butter and the bread!

But since we were at the restaurant for lunch, that meant I couldn’t go out for my lunchtime walk. I still went to Golden Acre after work but that still left my short on steps, so I’ve spent the last hour walking while watching TV to get my target!

Thankfully it wasn’t raining at Golden Acre tonight, although the sky was looking pretty dark, but there are some pretty flowers starting to come out which makes it all look nicer!


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