HM2014 – 8th May

Damn the rain! It’s been so miserable here the last couple of days, although that didn’t stop me from getting all my walks in yesterday. I started the morning with a 7am walk around Yeadon Tarn, which was pretty peaceful.

I then went out at lunch for a mile walk around the local park/housing estate. I must have been walking faster than I thought because when I got back to the office, not only was I soaked from the rain but I was also very hot! I also managed to turn the bar on the ‘steps’ graph on Fitbit to green, which I don’t do very often!

Then after work I went to Golden Acre for a walk around. I would have done two laps round, but the rain put a stop to that! Instead, I went home and walked on the spot for an hour while I watched TV, so I still got to my 10,000 steps goal!

My morning walk around Yeadon Tarn this morning was not pleasant. I don’t know if I overdid it a bit yesterday, but the tops of my feet were really hurting when I was walking. Hopefully a slower stroll around Golden Acre tonight will help. It is pretty cool to watch the planes taking off on a morning though, even if some idiot has scrawled graffiti over all the signs round the lake!

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