HM2014 – 3rd May

Well yesterday was definitely not what I expected! I’d had a pretty good day at work, stuck to my food choices and everything and was just heading to the white rose centre for a hair cut and a walk to get my step count up.

It was pretty bad traffic since it’s a bank holiday weekend and I was queuing down the hill when I heard two loud bangs and then all of a sudden my car was shunted forward. Turns out that a Volvo three cars back hadn’t seen the cars stop and crashed into the Mazda in front of him, causing everyone else to shunt forward.

I wasn’t hurt and thankfully since I was at the front, my car wasn’t damaged too badly, but I ended up stood at the roadside for over an hour and a half while the police came out and dealt with everything. So embarrassing to get breathalysed at the side of a busy road, but there’s got to be a first time for everything I guess!

After I’d got home, I spent an hour on the phone to the insurance company arranging repairs to my car, so that was my evening almost completely gone. I’d not had any tea yet and wasn’t in the mood for a shake and very tempted to go to McDonalds to get a big burger, but I compromised and went to subway and got a yummy salad bowl. Probably slightly more calories than the shake, but I think I deserved it after my nightmare evening, and at least I resisted the call of Old McDonald!

I’ve got four days off work now, so hopefully I’ll be able to stick to my eating plan and also get plenty of walking in since I’m not tied to my desk!

Car Accident!Car Accident!

Car Accident!Car Accident!

Car Accident!

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