HM2014 – 4th May

Since everyone else is saying it, I might as well join in, so May the Fourth be with you!

I did well yesterday. I’ve decided that I’m not going to be as strict with the ‘two shakes a day’ regime on a weekend because it’s not fair on Cameron if we can no longer eat out, so I’m just going to have the weekend as an eating healthy time, and have the shakes if I’m at home.

So yesterday my day started off with a trip to the White Rose Centre to get my hair cut, which also involved a McDonalds breakfast (my bribe to make Cameron get out of bed early to come with me!). I had a bagel with Philadelphia cheese, which is less than 20 more calories than the shake. After the hair cut, we had a little walk around the shops to get some steps. Then there was a trip to Tesco (and a Subway salad for lunch) followed by a trip to Morrisons to get the ingredients for a pasta bake tea, all of which left me at about 4000 steps. I know that’s not enough for the day, so I decided to go up to Golden Acre for a walk.

It was only when I stepped out of the car that I realised I’d left my fitbit in my other trousers on my bedroom floor. I was so annoyed! I know that it’s still exercise, but knowing that I’d do all the walking and not get to my 5,000 step target for the day was very annoying! I sent a tweet about it, and Fitbit’s fantastic support team sent me a message back explaining how to add the walk manually. I was so happy!!

While we were there, we saw more squirrels than I’ve ever seen there at once! And one of them was so tame, it came right up to us, touched it’s nose to Cameron’s shoe and then bashfully ran away.

Squirrel at Golden Acre

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