HM2014 – 2nd May

Yesterday didn’t involve another walk around Golden Acre Park, but instead I went shopping at the White Rose Centre with my best friend Abi. We actually did more walking than I would have done at Golden Acre though, we went in a lot of shops! Rather than doing what we would usually do and go out for dinner, which usually means at least 2 courses and a hell of a lot of calories, I had my shake before we went instead.

I had to use my restraint when I got home too when my brother phoned up and asked if I wanted him to buy me anything from McDonalds. Usually I would have got an apple pie or a McFlurry, but I resisted. I think there’s something about drinking the shakes which makes me feel like if I eat more than I should, it’d just be a waste of time not eating proper meals in the first place, so they definitely still seem like a good idea for the time being!

Since I don’t have any relevant pictures for you today, here’s a funny picture I found when browsing the ‘fitness’ section on Pinterest, which tickled me a fair bit!


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