HM2014 – 1st May

Another day down, another day successful. I went for another walk around Golden Acre last night, although this time I was on my own and without Cameron. It was really nice to get in a good walk and just to sit outside in the fresh air in the peace and quiet and relax after a hard day at work.

I admit, I did spend a little too long watching a family of little ducklings that were swimming around the lake. They seemed a little less shy than yesterday and were happy to swim around near me while I took some pictures.

My fitbit seems to be giving me a very high calorie allowance this week, to say I’ve only been doing 5,000 steps a day. Like yesterday, I ate 1,360 calories, but it said I could eat 800 more. And while it would have been nice to wolf down some chocolate or crisps or something, I’m taking it with a pinch of salt and sticking to eating sensibly!

As a bonus for today, here’s a video of some very cute ducklings!

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