Rachel Schurig – Three Girls and a Baby

Rachel Schurig - Three Girls and a BabyWell after reading crime books back to back for a few weeks, I figured it was time to revert back to my old favourites for a while, so up rolled Three Girls and a Baby by Rachel Schurig. I bought this on Amazon quite a while ago, part of a set of three by the same author which were pretty cheap and looked kind of promising.

When it finished, I was left with mixed thoughts. I had really enjoyed the book and found myself completely attached to the main character Ginny. But I was also left with a feeling that not much had happened and that the book could have been made much longer if it had been padded out more in the middle.

The book centres around Ginny, who has just found herself pregnant after a one night fling with her ex boyfriend, who then decides that he doesn’t want anything to do with Ginny or their baby. We join her throughout the ups and downs of the next nine months, helped along by her two best friends/roommates. The thing that I think was missing was that we seemed to skip huge chunks of time during which we could have learned more about the character to get a better feel for her.

Because actually, the feeling that I got about her was that she was (to put it bluntly) a whiny little b*tch. She spends the entire book moping over her ex-boyfriend instead of focusing on what’s in front of her and the more pressing matter of a baby arriving in less than 9 months. At times, I wanted to slap her out of her pathetic obsession and tell her to get on with it.

Considering that it’s a chick-lit book, you can probably tell that the ending was going to be quite predictable. And while most of the chick-lit books that I’ve read have had a bit of a twist or something that wasn’t expected, this was straight down the line to the end. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but since the book was so short, it was a little disappointing to not have at least some sort of twist involved.

There are two further parts to this story, so we’ll see whether Rachel Schurig develops the story any more or if we end up with a rather predictable middle and end to the trilogy. And we’ll see how Ginny’s character develops and whether she can become a bit more stable and mature now she has a baby to worry about.


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