Rachel Schurig – Three Girls and a Wedding

Rachel Schurig - Three Girls and a WeddingSince I was left with mixed feelings after reading Three Girls and a Baby, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Three Girls and a Wedding. As Ginny got engaged at the end of the last book, I expected that the book would revolve around her upcoming nuptials. So I was surprised when it turned out that the main character was actually Ginny’s housemate/best friend Jen.

Jen works in event planning, usually involved in the smaller scale events but desperately trying to work her way up the ladder. The company that she works for has just won the most prestigious client, the wedding of Kiki Barker to her fiance Eric, and her father will be footing the entire (humongous) bill.

It’s looking to be the wedding of the century, and even though Jen’s recently promoted colleague Jason is taking the lead, she’s brought in to help out. And while Jason seems to be a schmoozing grease-ball, Jen finds herself buried with work. Kiki is a demanding client, although Jen quickly warms to her unique personality and it looks like they’re set to become good friends.

But while Jen is planning the wedding of the year, she’s also agreed to help Ginny plan her wedding to Josh. Which seems to be going great from Jen’s point of view, but with all the time that she’s spending with Kiki, is everything really as organised as she thinks? I knew from the start that we were obviously going to see some drama here, it would be too perfect for it to all run smoothly, and Rachel Schurig didn’t disappoint, throwing in a curveball to beat all curveballs and leave Jen completely adrift and seemingly alone.

My only wish for the book which didn’t seem to happen was that Jason didn’t get what he deserved. He spent the entire book being an arse and manipulating Jen to get to what he wanted, and the end was left a bit disappointingly. But other things happened at the end which I guess cancelled out the bad karma that Jason deserved with all the good karma that was seemingly overflowing.

I did really enjoy the book, but it did all seem to go rather fast, just like the last book I would have loved some more detail. But maybe I was just so engrossed in reading it that I just didn’t realise how much I’d read.

There’s just one book left in the series. I would imagine that since we’ve had one book with Ginny and one book with Jen, we’ll probably have one with Annie now, but I may be completely wrong.


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