Nick Russell – Big Lake

Nick Russell - Big LakeThe first few pages of this book did absolutely nothing to entice me into reading it. I like a book to pull me in and have me hooked from the very beginning, but the start of this book just felt boring to me. But I persevered and I’m now very glad that I did.

The book centres around a town called Big Lake in Arizona, and although this is a real town, Nick Russell is very keen to point out that the book is completely fictional. And after reading the book, I would agree that it must be, since it’s completely bonkers!

At the start of the book, two men are driving an armored money deliver vehicle down to Big Lake, when the spot a young woman at the side of the road. It’s against protocol to pull over, but they do anyway. Then one of the men pulls the gun on the other and shoots him dead, in a plot to get away with the money with his lovely lady friend. But after dragging the body of his friend into the back of the van, the woman turns the gun on him and both men are dead, leaving the woman to drive away with the money. But who was this mysterious woman?

Obviously when the police turn up, the woman is long gone and they have no idea she was there, and so starts a long investigation to find out what went wrong. Chief investigator is the town Sheriff, Jim Weber – brother in law to one of the murdered men. An FBI agent is sent to help out, and they soon become good friends. Which is good, because he’s taking the news of his brother in law’s death almost as badly as his sister, the murdered man’s wife. And it turns out that the other murdered man, Johnson, was a well known womanizer with plenty of people who would be more than willing to go after him with a gun.

I won’t go too much more into the plot, but as you can probably tell, there are a lot of twists and turns and dead ends before we find out who the real culprit is. And let me tell you; whoever you thought it was, you will almost definitely be wrong. When it was revealed, I absolutely couldn’t believe it! The book also left itself open nicely for a sequel, which I will definitely be checking out! I loved the main character of Jim Weber, and I’d love to see where the plot develops next!


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