The Deep and Bridlington

Today we decided to go to The Deep in Hull. I went when it was first opened, and Cameron hadn’t been for about 7 years, so we thought it would be quite interesting. There were lots of kids running around, but most of them were interested in looking in the tanks and not so bothered about reading all the information, which was better for us! I learnt lots of things, for example the Clown fish (i.e. Nemo) actually lives inside a poisonous coral, but secretes slime so that the coral doesn’t even realise it is there. Makes it pretty hard to find Nemo!

After we’d finished at The Deep, the weather was really nice, so we decided to drive up to Bridlington (well Cameron did, I may or may not have fallen asleep). When we got to Brid, it was 24 degrees and gloriously sunny! Perfect sunday weather!

It was quite hard to get good pictures through the glass, especially with the slow shutter speed of my phone, but I tried my best!

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