Harry Potter Studio Tour – Leavesden Studios

Last Friday was my best friend Abi’s birthday, so we arranged a trip down to London for me, her and her sister Hannah. We decided to go to the Harry Potter Studio tour, and it was simply amazing! It’s at the actual studios where Harry Potter was filmed and has loads of original props, sets and costumes to look at. I was enthralled with how cool it all was, walking around the sets that they actually used for the films. I’ve just bought the film boxset from Amazon so I can watch them all again, and I want to re-read the books again too. Abi and Hannah had both been before so knew what to expect, but every corner we turned just brought more surprises for me, especially the corner round to the huge replica of Hogwarts which they used to film the external scenes (like with the dragon). It’s huge and so intricately detailed that it took 40 days to assemble.

Here’s a selection of the 360 pictures that I took as we were walking round! This weekend has also involved a trip to Whipsnade Zoo and Waddington Airshow, so there’s plenty more pictures to come!

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