Matt Haig – A Boy Called Christmas

An audio-book narrated by Stephen Fry? Glorious!

Matt Haig takes on this story of a young boy called Nikolas who finds himself on a wild adventure with his mouse friend Mika for a companion, and ends up blossoming into someone quite familiar.

We start the book as Nikolas’ father leaves him to go on a quest to find the Elves. He leaves Nikolas with his mean and spiteful aunt who makes Nikolas sleep outside, and serves him a quite unthinkably mean meal.

So Nikolas decides to head off to find his father, and on his adventure he will find that his father isn’t what he was looking for at all. A story full of magic and a young boy who truly believes in it, after all “An impossibility is just a possibility you don’t understand yet”.

Although it was quite clear where the book would end up, it was a truly magical tale, excellently narrated so it felt like you were on the journey with Nikolas. Full of excitement, peril and pure magic, I thought it was great.

Only a 4 hour listen, so I imagine it would be quite a short read – and I’d love to read it as I imagine it has some beautiful illustrations. It’s just a shame I don’t have Sky so I can’t watch the movie adaptation!

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