Giovanna Fletcher – Walking on Sunshine

Disclaimer: I was given this book before publication in exchange for a review from NetGalley.

I also don’t need to add a disclaimer for this, but it’s probably worth mentioning that Giovanna is one of my favourite authors so I was pretty convinced that I was going to love this book before I read it.

I had no idea what to expect except for the title, but the book was heart warming in a way I didn’t expect.

At the start of the book, we’re introduced to three friends: Mike, Zaza and Vicky. They’re all still reeling from the death of Mike’s wife Pia. Obviously Mike is struggling the most, but they were a very close knit group.

Vicky is married with two young children, but ‘burnt out’ is a definite understatement of what she is feeling. As well as completely overwhelmed by looking after the children, she is also feeling unloved and undersupported by her husband.

And then we have Zaza, who is recently engaged and should be happier than ever, but seems to be pushing her fiancé away and doesn’t know if she can be happy as a wife.

But it seems like just when things are reaching breaking point for all three, Pia sense helps in the form of a list of things they need to do to move on from her passing. The list takes them on a trek to Peru where they will all find that they are stronger than they think and need each other more than they know.

I thought the book was absolutely fabulous. Rather than a stereotypical romance, it instead chooses to focus on the life-restoring power of friendship and the strength that we all have within.

I found myself immediately drawn to Vicky’s character and I felt so much like I could be a member of their friendship group. I loved the connection they all had, but mainly the fact that their relationship felt real. There were harsh words and raw arguments to provide balance to the journey that they were on.

The book was beautifully written and full of so much emotion. It was also full of a depth of knowledge from the CoppaFeel treks that Fletcher has led in real life, I truly felt like I was along with them for the journey.

This may be my favourite Fletcher book so far, which is saying something given how much I loved Billy and Me. A truly heart warming tale about the power of true friendship to redeem us from the hardest of times.

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