Muthuraj Swamy – Reconciliation

I feel like I can’t really give this book a fair review (and it’s all my fault).

The book was the Archbishop of Canterbury’s lent book for 2019, and as it’s currently October 2021, you can probably see I wasn’t very timely with reading it.

The book is designed to be read daily over the course of lent, and I did find the content really interesting for the first half of lent but then I got out of the habit of reading and it took me another two years to finally finish it (my bad!).

I think I found the middle section a bit slow and hard to relate to and so I wasn’t gripped to continue reading it. I know some books I’ve had that are designed to be read daily and I’ve been so intrigued by them that I’ve devoured them much more quickly, but that wasn’t the case here.

The structure was great with discussion questions at the end of each daily reading which would make it perfect for reading in a group setting or at least in a time of reflection.

The book is aimed towards making you think about the ‘other’ (which is all explained in the introduction to the book), and I think it achieves that very well. Opening your eyes to different approaches to reconciliation in the Bible and how they can be applied to our lives and our world, I think it was a valuable read, just maybe not 100% for me at the time I read it.

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