James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes

I listened to this book in audio format and I’m so pleased I did because I don’t know if it would have been quite so laugh-out-loud funny if I wasn’t hearing the tales of all these ‘classic scrapes’ in James’ own voice.

When we talk about scrapes, we talk about silly situations that James has got himself in which sound completely absurd and like they must have to be made up, except they’re not.

We start the book with James as a primary school child. The first scrape being him forgetting to take his hand towel to school (I know,weird, right?) and every decision the 5-year-old-James made just made the situation worse.

We follow James through childhood and teenage years, where he ended up composing a rather huge hit (at his school at least) called La La La Humpty – yes, that’s a version of Humpty Dumpty remixed to the tune of La Bamba. This is where the audio book came into its own, as the full effect was revealed by James’ rendition of the song.

Following from school into adulthood, there are more than 30 scrapes in the book, including ‘sleeping in a bush wearing a womans dress with a plastic bag over his head’, or the classic ‘letting yourself into someone else’s house for a poo and walking round pantsless’.

I don’t think there’s really much else I can say in review other than go and get this book and get it in audio format because it made my dog walks so entertaining – I think half of Pudsey probably think I’m a loon now for walking around laughing to myself.

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