Ruby Wax’s No Brainer

This was my latest Audible purchase – a book I chose because Ruby Wax came and gave a lunchtime talk to our company in July around the topic of mental health awareness and I found her both passionate and incredibly knowledgeable, along with just being very easy to listen to.

This ‘book’ was all about the brain, covering topics like ‘The Early Years’, ‘Nature vs Nurture’, ‘Pathology and ‘Compassion’, among many others.

I say ‘book’ in quotation marks, because this is an Audible original book so is only available in audio format. And with multiple interviews with subject matter experts and chats with her friends, it felt a lot more like a podcast than a book, with each chapter just a podcast episode.

This was my only real complaint about the book though, I found it incredibly insightful and a great accompaniment to my morning walks with the dog. As Ruby talked to so many experts throughout the book, it felt like very well researched and trust-worthy, but Ruby’s personality made it feel approachable and fun to listen to.

I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about how our brains tick. While not specifically targeted at mental health like some of Ruby’s other books, it does touch on that too along with a wide variety of other topics. I genuinely feel like I understand my brain a bit better now than I did before.

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