Josh Widdicombe – Watching Neighbours Twice a Day…

Now this is more like what I wanted to get from my Audible subscription. After the last two books were not really suited to audio format (at least for me), this book was perfect. I’ve been a fan of Josh for a long time (I think it was about 9/10 years ago I first went to see him live), and I knew as soon as this was released that I wanted to read it.

Read by Josh, the audio format was perfect, like having a chat with a mate, or like listening to one of Josh’s gigs, it was familiar and comforting and made me openly laugh out loud many times on my morning dog walks.

The book is part auto-biography and part history of the 90’s through the TV that we watched (some popular, some not so much). It felt like a hefty dose of nostalgia for a different time, when TV was what we did rather than phones and social media and Netflix etc.

Particular favourite chapters for me included Gladiators, Live and Kicking, Beadle’s About and Ceefax. If any of those chapter titles bring about a heady wave of nostalgia, this is the book for you.

I’m a few years younger than Josh so some of the programs were before I was old enough to really watch them, but there was enough that I knew about and enough explanation of the rest that I loved the whole book.

I also loved the audiobook-only extras that included special interviews at the end of certain chapters (e.g. an interview with an actual Gladiator!), and the interview with James Acaster at the end which felt like a wonderful conversation between two friends.

I just loved the potential for reminiscing in the 9 hours of listening and definitely recommend this to anyone who grew up in the 90’s.

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