Neil Patrick Harris – The Magic Misfits #1

This was the last of the audio books that I listened to while decorating the spare room – a random choice from the library app on my phone. I love Neil Patrick Harris and I was so glad that he narrated this book himself.

Obviously you can probably tell that this is a kids book, and he’s such a good narrator for kids, very engaging and dramatic in all the right places.

The book itself was not fully my cup of tea if I’m honest. It was really well written and an engaging story, but just not really for me – maybe I’ve lost my inner child!

Carter is a street magician used to performing magic tricks with his uncle. And tricks is just what they are – used for stealing and scamming. Carter doesn’t believe in magic because of what he’s seen of these tricks, and when he runs away from his uncle, the last thing he expects to find is real magic, and real friends.

Full of adventure and the newly forming friendships, it was a lovely story. Interspersed within the chapters were introductions to magic tricks, which for me didn’t really translate very well to the audio format so I skipped through most of them, but I bet kids would really love this!

My rating: 3Average rating: 3.96
224 pages. Published in: 2017
Read in Audiobookon 22nd-23rd August 2020

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