Lindsey Kelk – In Case You Missed It

This was the perfect antidote to The Shelf, leaving me feeling warm and fuzzy with a big smile on my face.

Our main character, Ros, has just come back from America. She won’t tell anyone why she’s back when she supposedly had her dream job out there, but we know that something must have gone wrong because no-one comes back from America to live in a (literal) shed at the bottom of their parents garden unless something bad has happened.

What she wanted was to come back to her old life, but it seems like nothing is the same. Apart from her newly randy parents, her friends are all having babies and moving on with their lives and she feels like she’s going backwards.

So now she’s back, she gets a new phone and sends out a mass text message to all the contacts that were restored from her backup. What she doesn’t expect is to get a reply from her ex-boyfriend who thinks she has got in contact with him specifically. But she’s craving her old life so much that she gives him another chance, and although we can see him treating her like absolute dirt, she thinks he’s good for her. Or maybe she just can’t see the better option staring her right in the face.

I love how the story gradually develops and we see Ros starting to try move forward with her life instead of trying to go back to the past.

My favourite thing about this book (especially in comparison to the last one) was that the cast of characters surrounding Ros were so fully fleshed out and supportive of Ros rather than making me mad. And the ending of course, I love a happy ending and I’m so glad that Ros got the ending she deserved.

I’ve not read many books by Lindsey Kelk before, but I’ll definitely be looking for more.

My rating: 4Average rating: 4.07
416 pages. Published in: 2020
Read in Paperbackon 20th-23rd August 2020

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