Krish Kandiah – Faitheism

“When we are not afraid to talk about our beliefs, our conversations are richer as a result.”

So is the basis for this thought-provoking book by Krish Kandiah.

Each chapter presents two opposing viewpoints of Christianity vs Atheism for example “Christians are boring / Atheists are fun”. Each one is split into four sections: Collision, Collusion, Contention and Collaboration, exploring different sides to the chapter subject. And what I really liked was that each chapter ended with some discussion questions. I didn’t read this as part of a group, so I just used them as pointers to make me think, but it would be great as part of a reading group.

Filled with personal insights and anecdotes, I found this book really very helpful. I once spent an hour on a train next to a very vocal atheist who was unwilling to listen to anything I said, and had a list of prepared arguments as to why God couldn’t possibly exist. Had I read this book before, I would have been better armed for that conversation.

As well as making me think about the fact that we have “more in common”, the book also challenged some behaviours that we’re all guilty of, and as Christians, maybe should be trying to avoid.

I find myself spending far more time thinking about how I can increase my own personal pleasure than I do thinking about those around me. I am ashamed to say that I am more often inclined to be keeping up with the Joneses, than keeping up with Jesus. “What would the Joneses do?” is often higher on my happiness agenda than “What would Jesus do?”.

I’d recommend this book to anyone, newly Christian or lifelong, whether you speak regularly to atheists or not. I picked up so much from this book that will stay with me and I think most people will be able to do the same.

My rating: 4Average rating: 3.33
261 pages. Published in: 2018
Read in Paperbackon 1st-30th December 2019

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