Jeff Lucas – Lucas Out Loud

I picked this book up in the second hand book basket at my Church after flipping through it randomly and reading a page about the perils of radio-microphones as a vicar/speaker. It made me laugh out loud, so I decided I might as well read the whole thing.

Presented as a series of short articles on a variety of subjects, the book was simultaneously light hearted but thought provoking. Hitting the nail on the head and getting direct to the point, even if some people may be potentially be put out by what he’s saying or the way he says it.

Published 15 years ago, it’s slightly dated – talk of palm pilots and suchlike, but most of what was written was still relevant for today’s audience, although some of the articles either weren’t for me, or just didn’t click with me.

Really easy to read due to the format of short articles of a few pages each, the book for me was one that I kept at the side of my bed and just read a little bit each night until I was sad it was over.

My rating: 3Average rating: 4.12
113 pages. Published in: 2006
Read in Paperbackon 11th November – 30th December 2019

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