Greta Thunberg – No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

For £2.99, I would say this book was fine, and it did make me stop and think a fair few times, but it wasn’t really what I expected from (although that’s my problem as I didn’t know what this book was before I bought it).

To save you potential disappointment, this book is a collection of the speeches that Greta Thunberg has made, which unfortunately means that the book contains quite a lot of repetition – her speeches are impactful because she knows what she’s saying is strong, but that of course means that she does repeat herself.

She is (quite rightly) an inspirational young woman – deciding that politicians and those in power are not taking the climate crisis (yes – it is a crisis) seriously enough, and taking a stand to make people listen.

She’s been invited many places to give speeches, so people are clearly starting to listen, but when you read what she’s saying, you realise that none of it is enough – we’re heading towards a catastrophe, and only changes at the highest level are going to help.

Definitely an interesting woman to follow – but I imagine that you can probably read these speeches online without paying for the privilege, and I probably would have done so if I’d know what I was buying (damn you Waterstones with your enticing book covers by the side of the till!).

I’m giving the book 3 stars, but not because it was bad, it just wasn’t what I expected and I didn’t get out of it what I thought I would.

My rating: 3/5Average rating: 4.38
80 pages. Published in: 2019
Read in Paperbackon 16th July 2019

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