Charlaine Harris – Night Shift

I’m so very glad that I decided not to read this series as soon as it came out, because it’s been great being able to read three books back to back and not have to wait a year for each one to be released.

This book definitely ramps up the excitement factor from the first two books, it seems like there’s a lot more going on, and it feels much more tense.

The crossroads which have been mentioned so often throughout the series are suddenly the centrepiece of the story, as people start to turn up at the crossroads and kill themselves. It’s just a tad scary for everyone living in the town, and it seems like it’s down to the vampire Lemuel to discover what’s causing this terrifying turn of events. And when Fiji starts hearing a terrifying voice, it seems like her witchly powers are going to be called into action too.

I definitely enjoyed the more action-packed nature of the book, as well as the fact it kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out if they’re going to discover the secret in time and save the town and its residents (new and old).

But the ‘ritual’ that Fiji has to go through in order to stop the menace felt wrong to me. It didn’t feel natural to the story and it felt kind of like Harris had wanted to shove back in some of the more racy scenes that were prevalent throughout the Sookie Stackhouse novels but had been missing from these books so far. But I’d much rather Fiji have got together with her chosen partner in a more natural way, this just made me cringe all over.

It didn’t ruin the whole book for me, but it put a major dampener on how much I enjoyed the finale, and made me less likely to want to read the next book in the series (if there will be one).

My rating: 4/5Average rating: 4.06
308 pages. Published in: 2016
Read in Paperbackon 29th-31st March 2017

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