Charlaine Harris – Day Shift

After the end of the first book in this series, I didn’t even wait ten minutes to pick this up as I was desperate to find out more about the other characters in the town of Midnight, Texas.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Although Manfred, Fiji and Bobo still seem to be the main characters in this story, we learn an awful lot more about the secrets that the other characters are hiding. But Bobo manages to stay out of the spotlight in this book and the spotlight is very heavily turned on Manfred and Olivia, after one of Manfred’s clients dies during a consultation and two people that Olivia was seen having dinner with in the same hotel also wind up dead.

It seems like Olivia may be a more dark character than we first imagined, but I won’t go into too much detail and spoil it for you! I will just say that I don’t think we’ve quite learnt all there is to learn about Olivia, and I think there’s probably more to come in subsequent books in this series.

We also meet new characters in this book, including a familiar face from the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Quinn the weretiger. And he brings a young boy with him who he says is his son, but he’s growing at an alarming rate, and pretty soon the residents of Midnight realise that it’s the worst possible moment for the spotlight to be on the town after these murders, the last thing they want is more people hanging around!

As with the first book, the goodreads reviews seem to be overwhelmingly negative, but I’d take them with a pinch of salt. If you like Charlaine Harris, you’re bound to like this book, just don’t expect it to be quite as fast-paced as the Sookie books, it’s a bit more sedate than that (but still keeps you turning page after page).

My rating: 5/5Average rating: 3.91
307 pages. Published in: 2015
Read in Paperbackon 27th -29th March 2017

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