C.S. Lewis – The Horse and His Boy

It’s been about a week since I finished reading this book, and I just haven’t got around to reviewing it, probably because of the same reason it took me over a month on and off to actually read it; I just didn’t find it exciting.

The start of the book seemed very slow, and the fact that the start didn’t seem to relate in any way to the previous two books just left me feeling cold and I didn’t feel any impetus to pick the book up. And when I did, I could manage about 15-20 pages before I put it down out of sheer lack of interest.

But anyway, I did finally persevere through to the end, but I think I can safely say that this book was definitely not my favourite! In fact, it’s slightly put me off moving on to Narnia book 4 for the moment, I think I need a break to clear my head before I start up again. I’m just hoping that when I get back to it, it pulls me in with a bit more oomph!


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