Leanne Shirtliffe – Don’t Lick The Minivan

Well I picked this book because I thought it sounded quite funny and I was in need of a bit of a change in my audiobooks from the more serious books I’ve been reading.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite what I imagined it to be, and I didn’t get quite as many laugh out loud moments as I thought. Don’t get me wrong, there were some funny moments and I did like how the author was brutally honest about the experience of having twins, but I was just disappointed because the book wasn’t what I thought it would be.

On the plus side, the audio track was nice and clear and thankfully without an annoying accent like I’ve been getting a lot recently, so that did make a difference. I don’t know who the narrator was, I couldn’t tell whether the author had actually narrated the book themselves, which would have been a nice touch, especially for the letters she writes to her twins at the end of each chapter, which were lovely and touching, definitely a special thing for the twins to keep as they are growing up.

Maybe I’d find the book funnier if I actually had children as I’d be able to identify a bit more with the stories that were happening, and I can imagine that they’d be funnier if you’d been in the same position, so I’m definitely not suggesting it was a bad book, just a book that wasn’t for me.


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