Cassandra Clare – City of Glass (Mortal Instruments #3)

While I’m still not finding this series anywhere near as well written as other fantasy series that I have read, it’s slowly improving book by book. The depth of the plot is still pretty shallow to me, although the character development is improving over time.

The story was action packed and filled with drama. There didn’t seem to be many points in the book where one character or the other wasn’t in some sort of mortal peril. I did like the way that the book kept switching between characters, leaving us on cliffhangers to take us away to what’s happening elsewhere in the world. It definitely kept the pace going and kept me turning pages.


The last three books have felt progressively more creepy as Clary continues her pining for Jace, supposedly her brother. Not step-brother, not half-brother, her full brother. It was getting a bit weird reading about how much she longed to kiss him, but I could tell from the tone of the writing that the author thought she had a surprise up her sleeve when she finally revealed that they weren’t actually brother and sister after all. However, I’d been expecting it for the last book and a half, it’s not like a teenage fantasy romance book is going to come with a hefty side dose of incest.

While the book ended with Valentine being killed once and for all, and the supposed death of his true son Sebastian, I think the author may have a twist up her sleeve. I imagine that Sebastian is going to come back to wreak havoc in the next book. With three more books in the series, it’s not like Clary and Jace can live happily ever after just yet.

Likewise with the shadow hunters and the downworlders in a never-seen-before peace deal. I guess something is going to happen which will threaten this fragile situation, needing Clary to step in and save the day yet again. Hopefully before this happens, Clary will actually get some proper shadow hunter training rather than just wading in at the deep end and putting her friend’s lives in danger.

I can guess that we’re also going to hear more from the rune that Clary drew on Simon’s head to save his life in this book. It’s supposed to come with side effects that we haven’t seen yet, but all signs point to this rearing it’s ugly head sometime soon.

I had decided that I was going to make this book the make-or-break book of the series, but it looks like it might have done just enough to save itself, so I’ll be plowing through to the end now. With less creepy Clary involved, it’s bound to be at least a bit better!


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