Cassandra Clare – City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments #2)

Well it looks like this series may just have earned itself a second chance.

Unfortunately, Clary was still stuck in a very teenage love triangle with her supposed brother and her best friend. Slightly creepy, but at least she wasn’t quite as mopey as the first book.

The book contained much more action than City of Bones, but still lacked some depth for me, it was a bit one dimensional. I think this probably contributed to me reading the book so quickly, it was just so easy to read because there weren’t any hidden meanings and nothing really required pondering or reading twice to figure out what’s going on.

I don’t want to seem like I’m just insulting the book, because I did thoroughly enjoy it. We learn a bit more about the downworlders in this book, especially after Simon learns a bit more about them than he would like I have to say though, it didn’t come as the surprise that it was meant, I’d kinda figured it out way earlier.

I loved the way we got to see more of Clary’s relationship with Luke, and Jace’s twisted relationship with Valentine. The author has created a perfect villain in Valentine. He’s dark and twisted and doesn’t seem to care about anyone else. But I think underneath, he really might care about what happens to his children. We’ll see I guess.

The book ended on quite a cliffhanger, I’m now incredibly intrigued to see what happens to Clary and her mum. I’m not particularly interested in the Jace/Clary situation. It’s a little creepy to be honest, but I feel that we might not have the whole story just yet, so my opinions may change. Let’s just hope the decrease in teenage girl whining continues through the next book.


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