Laura Elliot – Stolen Child

imageThis book was a free kindle book downloaded on a impulse and intended as a break from carrying around heavy books like the last 3 Mistborn books I’ve just read. Although it wouldn’t have mattered too much since I’ve pretty much spent my Saturday chilling out and devouring this book.

The subject matter is not too easy to deal with, but the book is so well written that it’s compulsive reading and I couldn’t put it down!

As you can probably tell from the title of the book, it’s about a woman who is unable to carry a child to full term and decides to steal a baby. We see the story from both sides, seeing Susanne becoming more and more mentally unhinged and seeing Carla become more and more desperate to find her baby.

I expected the book to cover a fairly short space of time, but it stretched over sixteen years. Again and again it looks like the truth is going to come out but it’s thwarted each time and Carla’s life is falling apart.

As the book progresses, we start to hear from Joy too, the stolen child. Elliot really got her emotions perfectly. You can never know what something like this would be like, but it was written in such a way that you could feel perfect empathy for all the people involved.

You can probably imagine how the book will end, but I think it ended a little too perfectly. I won’t give you any spoilers but if you read it you’ll see what I mean. It just didn’t feel like the right way to end it.


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