Brandon Sanderson – Hero of Ages (Mistborn 3)

Well I would just like to say that this has become my favourite fantasy series. I thought I’d loved reading Game of Thrones, but this was soooooo much better! (Warning: spoiler alerts below)

I didn’t realise quite how attached I had become to the main characters until things started happening to them and I wanted to help so badly and couldn’t!

Poor Sazed has lost faith in his study of religions, along with just religions and study and life in general, following Tindwyl’s death. He just can’t bring himself to believe in any God who would let the love of his life die. Sanderson’s compelling portrayal of what it feels like to lose hope and faith and then find it again was one of my favourite parts of the book. In fact, I would say that faith is the strongest element running through the book.

TenSoon was willing to risk his life for his belief in Vin as the Hero of Ages and his sacrifice to try bring the truth to the Kandra First Generation showed true faith in her ability to save the final empire. And even though he doesn’t succeed at first, when he manages to escape and bring Sazed back to the homeland, the Kandra first generation’s unfailing faith in what Sazed is telling them leads to them destroying their entire kind for the sake of the empire. If that’s not faith, I don’t know what is.

And Spook. He seems to have developed an unfailing faith in the Survivor. He’s gone from a quiet and ignored young man to the saviour of a city. He believes that he’s been granted extra allomantic powers by Kelsier and has complete faith in the things that ‘Kelsier’ is telling him to do, but it turns out that he was being controlled by Ruin. I loved how Ruin twisted and turned everything throughout the book, You were so sure about how or why something was happening, and it turns out that everything you knew was wrong and was actually being manipulated by Ruin.

And of course, Vin and Elend. They keep getting themselves into sticky situations, particularly Vin. With her belief that she is the Hero of Ages, she’s taking more and more risks to save the empire. And even though Elend is now mistborn too, she won’t take him with her, which leads to him taking risks and getting himself into trouble too. He feels the weight of the empire resting on his shoulders, and only faith in his friends and companions can pull him through.

I don’t really know what else to say to this book, because the ending truly truly shocked me. I won’t give away what happens, but let me just say that I wasn’t very happy when I read it! I can understand fully why it happened and I think it was a brilliant end to the book, but I don’t think anyone reading it could possibly have expected what was coming. So bravo to Mr Sanderson for that!

In fact, I think that has been my favourite thing of the trilogy. I just can’t predict what is going to happen next. Sanderson’s plot is so brilliantly and intricately executed that even if you think you’ve guessed what’s going to happen, you flip the page and you’re wrong again!!

I’ve just bought the final Mistborn book, Alloy of Law, which I believe is set far far in the future of the empire. It’s way shorter than the trilogy were, which will give my shoulder a rest from carrying around 700+ page books in my bag!

If you’ve got to here and you haven’t read this series yet, go read it! I hesitated when my friend recommended it to me and I shouldn’t have because it truly was superb! I can see a lot of Brandon Sanderson on my Christmas wish list this year!


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