HM2014: Day 23

Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. That’s all I hear while I’m walking, because my right shoe is starting to fall apart. And today it kind of hit the final straw while I was walking. I could feel it rubbing my foot as I was walking, but didn’t think anything of it until I got home and took my shoes and socks off and saw an angry red blister on the side of my big toe joint. I now can’t even put my shoes back on because it rubs so much. I’ve put a blister plaster on which will hopefully heal it pretty quickly, and I’m going to go shopping for a new pair of shoes after work tomorrow.

Apart from the blister though, I did enjoy my walk tonight. I was feeling pretty lethargic for the first half, but once I’d had some fresh air I felt much better and power-walked the second half. I’d already done a 2,000 step walk before work this morning, so today is my second consecutive 10,000 step day!!

I finished off my night by doing a few exercises with my kettlebell. I need to find some videos online to make sure I’m doing it right, but it does seem like fun!

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,754
Calories burned: 3,133
Steps taken: 10,202
Active minutes: 31

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