Review: Louise Douglas – Missing You

Louise Douglas - Missing YouThis is beginning to become a bit of a habit, another book bought on Kindle because it was cheap. It feels kind of like I’m cheating on my books, but I made a new year’s resolution to stop buying more physical books because I have absolutely no space left in my room for any more books, I’ve had to start putting them in boxes to make room.

Regardless, this book was actually pretty surprising. From the title, I was expecting it to be all soppiness and moping, but it was actually pretty surprising in places.

Sean has just found out his wife is having an affair and has been kicked out of the home in Swindon where he has lived in for the last 14 years, leaving behind his young daughter and having nowhere to go. His friend tells him about one of her friends who has a room to let.

Which brings him to Fen, a quiet, timid lady with a young son affected by Cerebral Palsy. She has kept herself to herself since Connor was born and although she has lived in Bath for quite some time, she only has a handful of friends. She has a secret to hide which has haunted her since she was a teenager and she lives on edge, waiting for something to come back and find her.

But although they don’t recognise it at first, maybe Sean and Fen are exactly what each other needs. There are a few patches where it looks like things just won’t work out, like when Sean goes back to visit his soon-to-be ex-wife Belle without telling Fen where he is going, leaving her to travel back to her hometown in Wales on her own when her sister’s newborn baby is admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis, scared that the baby might not make it, and terrified about returning to the place where she left behind all the things that have been haunting her.

But gradually, Fen opens up to Sean about all the terrible things from her past, and he helps her to heal. We come to quite a predictable ending, but because the book has so many twists and turns, it doesn’t feel like the entire book has been predictable, even though we know it has been leading up to this moment.

The book kept me hooked for the duration, and the writing style was very easy – it seemed like a very natural story to tell which I think helped to keep the pace of the story going. I have another book by Louise Douglas called The Love of My Life, which I may have to try soon.


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