Review: Hilary Boyd – Thursdays in the Park

Hilary Boyd - Thursdays in the Park

This book was an impulse buy after I got a free kindle book credit from Amazon. It was a very limited selection available so I decided this one was the best of the bunch. I actually quite enjoyed it, it was a very easy read.

The book was about a woman named Jeanie, stuck in a loveless marriage and coming up to retirement age, when her husband decides that he wants to move from North London to Somerset. Without consulting Jeanie or listening to her protestations, he puts the house on the market, buys a new house in the country and tries to persuade Jeanie to sell her shop too.

While all this is going on, Jeanie meets a man called Ray in the park where she takes her granddaughter, and she ends up torn between loyalty to her controlling husband (who doesn’t appear to love her anymore) and her own happiness. The book becomes a bit predictable, from about half way through the book you know exactly what is going to happen, but I didn’t really mind because the book was well written and you feel so connected to Jeanie. My only criticism of the book was that time seemed to be irrelevant, sometimes entire months were skipped and it was a little hard to keep up with where we were.


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