Review: Charlaine Harris – Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (Aurora Teagarden #3)


This book was the my least favourite of the series so far, I was a little disappointed by it to be honest. There was still an essence of Charlaine Harris, but you could really tell that it was one of her earlier books, the plot was just not very strong compared to other books of hers that I have read.

In this book, Aurora has started to shadow her mother at her real estate business, and it is while she is showing a house to the new man in town and his sister that they discover a woman dead in one of the bedrooms. Although this is supposedly a massive trauma, Aurora still can’t help falling for the man that she’s showing the house to, even though she’s already in a relationship with the local minister. Lucky for her though, the minister finds out that he can’t have children, which gives Aurora a quick get out so that she can start dating the new man – how convenient!

I didn’t particularly like this part of the storyline, I can see why she might want to break up with the minister, but there was no scene, they just said goodbye and that was it. I also don’t get why she would drop everything for this completely strange man that she’s just discovered a corpse with!

Obviously, this being a murder mystery book, Aurora has to get nosy and try to figure out who the murderer was, and when she finally figures it out, she goes out to his house alone to try and steal the evidence. This seemed odd to me; I know Harris wanted to create a big dramatic scene, but why would you try to steal the evidence from the murderers house? And not tell anyone you were going there? Cue the big scene, where Aurora is saved just in time by her new beau, but unfortunately not before she is beaten so badly she lands herself in hospital.

And wouldn’t you just know it, she wakes up in hospital with an engagement ring on her finger…

There’s another 5 books in this series, so I can’t see everything working out quite to plan! Especially not with Harris as the author. The next book is called The Julius House, hopefully it’s better than this one was!


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