Review: Charlaine Harris – A Bone to Pick (Aurora Teagarden #2)

charlaine-harris-aurora-teagarden-e1335464844842It’s been a very miserable day here today, so instead of going out for a walk with my camera this morning like I was planning on doing, I tucked myself up with my book and some good music. The books within this omnibus series are not actually that long (less than 200 pages), so I finished this one in a few hours this morning. I think Charlaine Harris’ style of writing helps too, the story is so fast paced that it keeps you turning pages and you lose track of time!

This book starts off a few months down the line from the end of the first one, and the first couple of chapters catch you up with everything that’s happened. Aurora has very luckily (or unluckily) been left a house and over $500,000 by one of the volunteers she works with at the library. It comes as quite a shock to her as they were not very good friends, but she soon settles with the idea.

That is, until she finds a skull hidden in the window seat of the house. She’s desperate to find out who it belongs to and conflicted about whether dear old Jane could actually have killed somebody, but then there is the harsh reality that someone else is looking for the skull too.

Somewhere in between her dates with the Vicar and working at the library, she starts digging around Jane’s things and getting to know her neighbours a bit better. There’s a dramatic scene at the end as we find out who the murderer was, while Aurora’s ex-boyfriend’s Wife is simultaneously having a baby and pointing a gun at the culprit to stop them from killing Aurora.

All’s well that ends well though, as Aurora decides to put Jane’s house up for sale and buy herself her own place with her small fortune, and she also receives a call from her old friend Robin Crusoe (yes, really), who she met under unfortunate circumstances in the first book – finding a dead body the first time you meet someone is not exactly the best introduction!

I think another 4/5 for this book, it would have been better if it was a little longer, and if there was more attention on the main plot than on the day to day activities like cleaning the house and doing the shopping. The next book is called Three Bedrooms, One Corpse. It’s another short book, which makes me very glad that this series is actually 8 books long, especially now I’m getting to know the characters a bit more.


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