The Grubbs Effect

This week my website is ‘suffering’ from what I have now deemed ‘The Grubbs Effect’. Usually, my website gets between 50-150 views a week. After I went to the Wakey!Wakey! show last week, Mike Grubbs re-tweeted my website link:!/WakeyWakey/status/81279347998199809

After he put this on twitter, my website stats went through the roof – 736 views in one day – that’s a 1,386% increase on the previous week!


Now that his re-tweet is not the latest tweet on his timeline, the tweet is not on his website homepage, so stats have started to come back to normal, but the post is still getting 30-40 views each day. I will be interested to see if the stats stay higher with people checking back – leave me a comment if you are one of them!

3 responses to “The Grubbs Effect”

    1. louiseradcliffe Avatar

      Thanks! I saw the stats going crazy before I saw the tweet – thought I must have been imagining it!!


  1. You only got that many views because you picked all of my pictures that I took.


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