Yes, I bought a Heat Magazine…

I went to London on Wednesday for work. The place I was going was right next to St James’s Park (I didn’t realise how close this was to Buckingham Palace until I got there). I’ve not been to London many times, so when I got there I decided that after I had finished work, I would walk along and take some pics. Unfortunately when I got out it was raining and I hadn’t taken my umbrella, so it was a quick walk to Picadilly Circus to get out of the rain.

I had a bit of fun getting home – there was a fire south of Doncaster so all the East Coast trains were cancelled. Just as I was about to walk from Kings Cross to St Pancras to get the train to Sheffield instead, a train to Skipton (via Leeds) popped up on the board, so I went for that one. I’m not sure if many people noticed that it was going though Leeds because the train was deserted! It was a very slow journey because of congestion on the line, so I had time to watch Black Swan, and then a lot of How I Met Your Mother DVD extras. These two DVDs had an iPad/iPhone/other media device version, which meant that I didn’t have to take my laptop with me! I hope more DVDs start doing this…

I took a few pictures while I was in London (iPhone pics so not the best quality):


If you don’t understand the title of the post (and there is probably only one person I know that does), it’s from this old TV advert:

2 responses to “Yes, I bought a Heat Magazine…”

  1. And wheres my magazine? I dont want out of date news you know!

    (8) We’re going to londonnnnn, to buy heat magazineeee (8) Havent seen the ad in YEARS


    1. louiseradcliffe Avatar

      You can come home any time you want…

      Me neither – I think they should bring it back!


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