Bible in 6 months?

I sometimes have problems picking up the bible and reading it. Sometimes, I can open it and find exactly what I needed, and other times, I seem to lack the motivation. I’ve recently been reading a 100 day reading plan, which takes you briefly through the bible in (you guessed it) – 100 days.

Although I am really enjoying reading this and the notes that come with each day’s reading, I am not really reading anything that I have not read before. There are still some parts of the bible that I have not read, and some that I am not too familiar with, so my goal for the next 6 months  is to read through the entire bible.


Rather than reading front to back, which can be demotivating when you know exactly how many pages you have left to go, I have chosen a reading plan on YouVersion which takes you through the entire bible, mixing in old and new testament. I read the descriptions of a lot of the ‘Whole Bible’ reading plans, and the one that caught my interest was OwnIt365. As you may guess, this aims to go through the bible in 1 year, but I have decided that I would like to read more each day, so I am aiming to read it in 6 months.

The good thing about YouVersion is I can read the days readings in my bible, online, or on my iPhone or iPad with the free apps that they have. You can also listen to the audio version on any device if you want. If you miss a day out, there is a ‘catch up’ button which allows you to move back to the last day that you read (could come in quite handy).

Here we go…

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  1. […] started a plan to read the whole Bible in 6 months on 6th June. It’s coming up to 6th December now, and I’m sorry to say I am nowhere near finished. […]


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