Golden Acre Park

I was up at 7 this morning to drive Vicky to work, so I thought rather than go home and back to bed, I would go for a walk with my brother. We went to Golden Acre Park, as we used to go there all the time with my Gran and my Mum when we were younger. I wanted to take a lot of pictures, but Frank has the patience of a five year old so wouldn’t stand still for long enough. I did manage to get a few decent pictures (I think). I would have had more if I had known how to use my camera, and if Frank hadn’t been either shaking the branches or me!

I love how fresh the air feels early in the morning, and the dew was still on the flowers, so I could have had some good photos if I had looked into how to use the Macro mode on my camera. Frank’s impatience cost me a great photo as well. We were stood looking over the lake, and Frank decided he wanted to go. Just as we turned around and started walking off, a flock of geese flew in over the lake and landed in formation. I’d already turned my camera off, and a woman walking her dog walked past and said ‘That would have been a good photo’. No kidding…


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