James Bailey – The Flip Side

Although I absolutely love this genre, this was a little unusual for me in that the main character was a man not a woman. I worried that this might make it less relatable, but Josh is such a likeable character that you can’t help but root for him the whole way through.

And boy does he need someone to root for him. We begin the book with Josh and his girlfriend on the London Eye on New Year’s Eve. What a perfectly romantic setting for a proposal, at least that’s what Josh thinks.

What Josh does not expect is that his girlfriend will say no, then reveal she’s actually been cheating on him. Needless to say, the rest of the ride round the wheel is painful.

So instead of gaining a fiancé and celebrating the happiest night of his life, he loses his fiancé, his job and his home all in one fell swoop.

Shortly after, Josh makes a decision that he will no longer make any major decisions himself. Instead, he will leave it up to the flip of a coin.

We then follow Josh through many ups and downs as he leaves his fate to the coin. He takes it a lot more seriously than I would have been able to, which leads him into some awkward situations – eating fish and chips in your parents house, with your parents, with a girl you’ve just met on tinder is probably not the most auspicious start to a relationship…

Things start to look up for Josh when he meets the girl of his dreams while watching his friend running the London Marathon. The only problem is he loses track of her without even getting her name, and what follows is a charming chase around Europe to track her down.

I read this book in one sitting, it was like being lost in a movie – a gripping plot, extremely loveable characters and just generally well written, it was a fabulous way to spend a morning.

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