As soon as I saw this book announced I knew from the list of collaborating authors that it was going to be a must-read. And boy was I right.

A collection of stories about how God shows his faithfulness through women in the Bible, it was written by a group of women who came together in Nashville to write this book and record an accompanying album of matching songs.

Containing heartfelt personal stories alongside brilliant insight into the lives of these women of the Bible, some of whom I have read about many times before, others who were kinda new to me, I felt like each chapter opened my eyes to something new and revealed more to me about who God is.

For example, like Rahab:

I don’t want a useless faith. I want a dynamic faith – the kind of living, active faith that speaks loudest without words.

I feel like I could share most of this book based on the highlights I have, there were so many parts that felt like they were speaking directly to me. And I can guess that this is the kind of book where I could read it again in a few years time and get an entirely different set of relatable quotes.

The broken things that have left the deepest wounds can be the very catalysts that cause us to reach toward Him for hope and healing.

I’d recommend this book to everyone, although particularly women, to make you look at these marginalised characters in the Bible and make you realise that God had a plan for them just like he does for us, and that he can use the most unlikely circumstances to show his faithfulness again and again.

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