Carrie Hope Fletcher – On the Other Side

I basically love everything that Carrie Hope Fletcher does, and I was very happy to get this book on Audible, so not only was it written by Carrie, it was narrated by her too.

We start the book meeting Evie Snow. She has just passed away at age 82, but she finds that not only can she not get into heaven, she’s her 27 year old self again. Her soul is too heavy to get into heaven and she needs to deal with three of the secrets that have weighed her heart down through her life.

We join Evie as she travels three times through the wall back into her present-day real life to see her family and find how they can help her pass through. We are also taken back in time to Evie’s earlier life and we watch her as she falls in love and struggles with the conflict of personal dreams and family pressure.

I loved it, the characters, the way the story developed and the fact that I felt invested with the whole thing. Having it read by the author just added that extra to it which made it feel so personal.

My only bug bear with the book was that I couldn’t tell when it was set and it confused me – I thought that 82 year old Evie was present day, but 27 year old Evie seemed to have today’s technologies but a family with the morals/ideas of a 1950’s family.

Apart from that though, it was a lovely book, a nice escape from reality and a fab concept. And without spoilers, the ending was just perfect, even though I was very unsure of how it would end until I read it.

My rating: 4Average rating: 3.61
432 pages. Published in: 2016
Read in Audiobookon 16th August – 8th September 2021

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