Sister Elizabeth Pio – Bible to Go!

This book takes the reality that God can speak to us in any place, and puts it into action.

Each chapter is written from a different location – a Costa coffee, a pub, on the sofa watching Eastenders, and uses that situation to put a particular verse from the Bible into context.

Each chapter starts with a little introduction – always Sister Elizabeth talking to you and her little doggy. Then we dig into a Bible verse before she bids us farewell until the next time we meet.

I think a fun experiment would have been to read each chapter in the actual location that it’s written for, but sadly I didn’t have that luxury – instead I read it a chapter each night before bed. It was a great book to be split into chunks and read that way instead of all-through.

I love the informal style combined with the knowledge put into each of the mini Bible studies – I learnt a lot but it was also fun and enjoyable. I’d definitely recommend this book!

My rating: 4Average rating: 5
130 pages. Published in: 2014
Read in E-bookon 13th June – 30th July 2021

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