She Reads Truth – Colossians & Philemon

I’ve been looking forward to this book since it was announced and it did not disappoint.

As much as I love She Reads Truth studies that are in familiar areas, I am always more excited to be spending time in a book of the Bible that isn’t so familiar to me – and this was a two-in-one! I’ve read a bit of Colossians before, but I can’t remember ever opening Philemon, which is silly since it’s such a short book it doesn’t even have chapters!

The book, as always, was beautiful, full of little details which just really help with getting to grips with what the study is about. It also included a ‘readers edition’ of Colossians and Philemon that are presented as they would have originally been written, a letter. No chapter or verse numbers, just a letter. It’s much easier to read the whole thing through presented that way.

I loved the three prompts at the end of each daily reading: Summarise the reading in a couple of sentences, How does the reading convict and encourage you, How does it clarify your understanding of the gospel?

I find these prompts really helpful as they encourage me to spend time thinking very specifically about what I’ve just read, rather than making generic notes and moving on. I hope more studies have these types of questions going forward.

My rating: 5Average rating:
69 pages. Published in: 2021
Read in Paperbackon 17th-30th May 2021

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