Frank Herbert – Dune

I wanted to love this book so so much. It was one of my Dad’s favourite books, and I was even reading his copy. To be holding and reading a book I knew he loved so much made me long to love it too.

But I don’t know if it was just bad timing for me to read it, because I just couldn’t get ‘into’ the book. I didn’t feel connected and I couldn’t keep track of what was happening in my head.

I started reading it a couple of years ago and ended up almost abandoning it, but I just finished the last 3rd over the last week and it felt like a different experience. All of a sudden the pace felt faster and the action felt more exciting and I was gripped in a way that I just wasn’t before.

I’m disappointed in myself to be honest that I didn’t feel that connection in the start, but I think what I might need to do is read it again in future when my head is perhaps in a different place. I think the loss of my dad was too raw when I first started and I put too much pressure on myself.

I have the rest of the Dune series on my shelf (also my dad’s copies), so I will definitely come back to this in future and see if I can love it anymore than I did this time. I don’t really even want to do a ‘proper’ review of it now because I don’t think it’s fair to not do the book justice.

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