She Reads Truth – Esther

I absolutely loved this study. I’ve been struggling to commit to spending time in my Bible and a two week study felt like a perfect opportunity in the run up to Lent.

I knew the rough outline of the story of Esther, but this is the first time I’ve read the whole book through, and it was such an eye opener.

First of all, I never realised that God isn’t mentioned by name in the whole book of Esther, because it feels really clear that God is all over the story.

I loved the focus of the study book on the ‘coincidences’ and ‘reversals of fortune’ and the questions at the end of each day which made me focus on what I’d read. I was shocked by how many times things were turned on their head in such a short book.

And as always, a beautifully put together and laid out book by the wonderful people at She Reads Truth.

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